Pallet Carrier Robot is a fully automated high-density storage solution for the storage of materials and goods. It uses an automatic moving robot to move in the designed channels for back and forth transportation and preparation for forklift pick up. It’s ideal for high-density storage of goods with alike packaging as it drives in the racking system that can be used in cold storage, beverage and food industry, and other types of stock-keeping units. It helps create maximum usage of the storage space and facilitates the loading and unloading of pallets.

Paller Carrier is widely used in the Food and Beverage, Chemical storage, cooled storage, and Automobile industries. It highly improves work efficiency, increases productivity, and significantly reduces labor costs and human error.


Benefits of Pallet Carrier Robot:
1. Reduced labor cost and associated risks, such as reduced forklift operator error risks.
2. Error-free automated loading, unloading, and organizing pallets performed quickly and accurately.
3. Improve efficiency and automatic inventory turnover.
4. Can adapt and be custom-made for different pallet and packaging sizes.
Pallet Carrier Robot is an adaptive system that can be customized for any warehouse. Regardless of the space size and pallet carrier robot allows for maximum usage of the storage space. On average the utilized space in the warehouse can be increased from 40% to 80% of the total warehouse square footage. The Automated system takes the loading/unloading order from the remote control delivering it four times faster than a human forklift driver. The requests are sent through a wireless radio transmitter and the pallet is automatically delivered to the front of the loading zone. Each remote is capable of controlling multiple Pallet Carrier Robots. Pallet Carrier Robot is operational in all temperature zones between -30°C to +40°C. When multiple requests are sent to the robot, it will process and brings them forward. The collation prevention capability allows for all times scanning for obstacles and humans that might be on its path. In such a case, the Pallet Carrier Robot calculates the distance and stops as smoothly as the distance to the obstacle allows. This quick and smooth motion emergency stop, will prevent the tipping of pallets and avoids collision. The anti-slip material used in lifting pads and specially designed wheels ensures safe transportation every time, at all operating temperatures. This ensures the robot does not slip and stays firmly in the designated position while transporting. The robot comes with a charging station that can also be used as a service table. When not in use, the robot automatically goes and gets hooked to the charging station. The charging station uses a battery life expender algorithm when charging and provides the possibility of adding up to two spare batteries always standing by fully charged.
another feature:
ERP Connectivity
Rechargeable durable 70 AH Battery