We have operated many commercial indoor vertical farming with high-class activities, enabling every production all year round with nice traceability from grains to packages. We have grown over 550 varieties of flowers and plants, exploiting our deep understanding of plant biology and environmental conditions. We are improving our dedicated structural, environmental, executing, and biological systems.



Fully-intelligent farms with sensor connections provide a gigantic library of data, made up of scientific and experimental databases, donating us the ability to find out plants in new ways they’ve never noticed.
LED lights are applied to create a specific light instruction, especially for each plant, giving the greens exactly the spectrum, intensity, and frequency as their demands for photosynthesis in the best possible energy-efficient way. This controlled lighting allows us to determine color, size, shape, flavor, texture, and nutrition with razor-sharp precision and high efficiency.
We are steadily supervising all the plants, macro-, and micronutrients to support them with the conditions they need to get rich. We can take the exact grain from the farm and grow it half the time as a traditional field farmer, bringing about 390 times more efficiency per square foot than a trading field farm.
The size and structure of an AeroFarms system are highly customizable. The arrangement contains modules acting as building blocks that can lie vertically. It allows us to grow in varied locations and achieve many yields per square foot with no limitation on the space, with prompt installation.