From crop improvement to full farm automation, this is why farmers trust us for intelligent irrigation.
relevant water management is the basis of all successful planting operations. Whether the water is low or too much, its issues affect almost every grower. Through optimizations in variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, farmers can maximize water-use efficiency for farmland, decrease utility costs and amplify crop yields with user-friendly, intelligent pumping system solutions.
Maximize plants’ growth and crop productivity by applying intelligent irrigation according to online water demand.



The Internet of Things(IoT) is used for any device that is internet-connected except a smartphone or console—for example, the programmable lights or the Home devices you might order regularly; However, the farmers can use their computers and smartphones to control their irrigation systems to improve efficiency instead of using them to turn on or off the lights in their homes.
IoT irrigation systems have many types, including sprinklers that move above the ground, and underground drip irrigation sensors. Soil moisture sensors also act as great checking systems, monitoring the pH, salinity, and other parameters of the soil around the plant all day. In some structures, smart sprinklers comprise soil monitoring.
Many intelligent irrigation systems were available that they were to compute crop water needs based on ambient data. Smart irrigation is usually merged with intelligent controllers and uses microclimatic data to arrange a watering time. Irrigation controller deeds governing the solenoid valves in irrigation procedure. Eventually, the controller decides when the irrigation starts and how long it takes to bring the controlled parameters to the desired value (set-point). Smart irrigation usually relies on systems using modern sensors, which can gather data, analyze and decide to start/stop irrigation Decisions are transmitted through these devices to the controller devices, which control the watering of sprinkler or drip systems.