An environmental monitoring system is a process that controls the quality of the desired environmental parameters.
Our company offers ways to measure parameters such as temperature, pressure, dew point and freezing, relative humidity, flow, carbon dioxide. For other parameters, the analog to digital converter is recommended to control all analog signals.
Remote monitoring and reporting of environmental problems can be of particular importance.
Making the right decision requires complete, relevant, timely and accessible information and its proper evaluation.
To this end, there should be appropriate monitoring programs, information management systems, evaluation and reporting procedures and procedures.



Our Intelligent Condition Monitoring System leads to a reduced time of maintenance access and staff, increased efficiency, enhanced uptime and increased harmlessness and safety. Designed for both usages, as a stand-alone system, or for easy merging with your existing monitoring and control system, the Vitro Ventures Intelligent Condition Monitoring System gives you the ability to monitor imprtant assets all around the day using dedicated processes created by the our team. the data collected from Sensors is assessed and sends warmings and reports to your control system and the Vitro Ventures connect portal so your team knows what decisions should be made and when.
Our greenhouse automation system helps to reach a superior crop while saving precious your time. Our 3 main solutions are the Climate Monitoring, Soil Monitoring and Intelligent Irrigition Systems. These are designed to assist farmers maximize crop yields, help conserving energy and water costs and help with water & nutrition optimization.
With today major technology progress in sterilizing and recycling water, we have power to help vertical farming operations and commercial greenhouse growers achieve significant savings on nutrition and water costs and also meet environmental laws.
The system offers charts of sensor data, as well as a push notifications (SMS, voice call). The analysis program will let you to obtain annually, monthly, weekly, daily or customized reports with all of the statistical data you need.
Monitor any parameter :
1-Online data access
2-Adjustable Log
3-Supporting Team based solutions
4-User Friendly Interface

Environmental monitoring let you know that conditions are well and makes you sure about your equipments to perform on their optimum level. Our monitoring system includes of various elements, such as temperature, humidity levels and some other usable data through the web or warning messages or voice calls.