Auto lubricators such as automatic grease dispensers are mounted on a single lubrication point and automatically dispense the appropriate amount of lubricant to the application in the scheduled time. Especially when lubrication points are effortful and difficult to access for safety reasons or their variety of places, automatic lubricators can help to settle the solution. variety of single-point automatic lubricators and accessories offer a common solution for most lubrication points. automatic lubricators help to improve efficiency, worker safety, easy maintenance, and machine reliability.



Automatic Grease Dispenser advantages:
1-Increase the safety of workers for lubrication of difficult-to-access points 2-ensure maintenance efficiency with automated lubricant reservoir 3-Improve machine reliability with dependable lubricant supply 4-Dispensing the precise amount of lubrication in the predetermined schedule
A large number of patented products are used all over the world and in numerous industrial parts. lubrication system is unique for Each industrial field. In some industries like automotive, civil works, and cement sections, automatic lubrication systems usage is greater than in others.
For example, bearing failures is the main reason for manufacturing equipment breakdown and suspension in the production line. Automatic equipment lubricators outstandingly eliminate maintenance and repair costs and maximize machine uptime by automatically dispensing grease in custom amounts at predefined intervals, making sure proper lubrication is up to the bearing’s demand—even during the system’s working time. In addition, when through manual lubrication you might run the risk of either over- or under-lubricating parts, which can finally expose the machine to failures. If the line fails, as a result, company production losses can significantly increase fast.
To dispense a precise quantity of grease or oil, automatic Grease Dispensers are designed. The main cause of premature bearing failure—over and under greasing, will be reduced by using these automatic grease dispensers.
When oil is not thick enough, lubricating moving parts to preserve of cover of metals is crucial. Grease also avoids contamination.
Inefficient manual lubricating is not the only problem of lack of lubrication, but can often result in over-lubrication of major pivot points, which brings its costs, such as wasted grease, and environmental pollution, safety issues, and labor costs.