Automatic Pack Cutting is designed by Vitro Ventures and guarantees high-quality fabric roll packing with a vast production of 50-80 rolls /hr. It rolls the plastic layer on a fabric roll and seals it longitudinally by belts. It could be joined with several examination machines using a conveyor system to save time and workforce.


This radial stretch wrapping machine is suitable for all types of goods that require cylindrical packaging. After packing, the package is solidly built and ready for shipping. In addition, it successfully protects the package from moisture, dirt, leaks, infections, and more, reducing consumption during transport and the garage. This machine mainly uses the motor as a switching part and is equipped with a self-steering section that moves the box and controls the package as it is being wrapped. It is easy to use, safe, solid, reliable, and sturdy. This radial stretch wrapping machine is widely used for wrapping cloth rolls, paper rolls, etc. The package size can be adjusted to the product size, fabric rolls wrapped in nylon foil, and the side sealing can be done using a heat-sealing process. Its wrapping performance ranges from 80 to 100 rolls/hour. It is supplied with a shrinking unit for tight wrapping. Computer-controlled nylon film replacement system for a wide range of reel widths specific solution for wrapping large diameter rolls. Computer-controlled winding system for fabric rolls fabric roll wrapped in nylon film, heat-sealed side wrapping capacity from 80 to 100 rolls/hour wrapped rolls are delivered via a reduction unit for tight packing over a hundred, from hair curlers to conveyor belts and auto ships to trolleys automatic nylon film replacement device for a wide range of roll widths specific solution for wrapping large diameter rolls.