An expert young team, that accomplished several incredible industrial projects. Our main business is to Research, design and constructing the Mechatronics, Electronics, Automations and Modern Agriculture projects!

There are Electronics, Programming and  Mechanical Engineers in this team that can have a optimized performance in many fields of engineering projects.

  • Mechanical Software for Design:


  • Electrical :


ARM, AVR, STM & PIC Programming

  • Programming by:

JAVA ، C# ++ ، C ، PYTHON


Our mission is to utilize industrial automation including control systems, information technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence systems, for handling diverse processes and machineries to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently. We have assisted industries in different fields for optimization of their manufacturing, quality control, and material handling processes.
Our vision to strive to empower our personnel, customers and contractors and achieve the level of control, accuracy, productivity and independence they desire. It is the growth and achievements of people associated with us that led to us being recognised globally for our innovations, standard research and development, prototyping and industrial commercialization.
Celebrate Variability and Youth Empowerment
Working with carefully selected people and partners who are not only skillful but also dedicated to make positive impact, open, honest and respectful.